Sunday, October 19, 2008

One-day Energy Fast

Since yesterday I got the most amazing fruits and vegetables from Temecula Farmers market and I just read The Juice Fasting Bible: Discover the power of all-juice diets to restore good health, lose weight and increase vitality, I have decided to give a try.

This morning after I wake up I had 2 glasses of water with organic pressed lemon.

Then I meditate. Then I juiced: 1 orange,1 red plums, a piece of fresh Ginger root, 1 cup of red grapes, 1 pear and one banana.

The taste is very, very good.

Pears : Vitamins B and C, Calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Provide quick energy boost.

Oranges: Very high vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, natural antibiotic, powerful antioxidant, give quick energy boost.

Ginger root: Vitamin C, Copper, Iron, Calcium, zinc, magnesium.

Grapes: Vitamin B and c and beta carotene. Iron, potasium, calcium. Provide a quick energy boost.

Banana: Vitamins B and C, Calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Plums: Vitamin C and beta carotene, calcium, iron

For Lunch and dinner I will have 1 apple, 1 tomato, 2 carrots, 5 spinach leaves, 1 /2 onion,...juice Ok we will see about the onion.

Today I will join the Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop on the 7 chakras hosted by Arun Deva.

This is new for me. Never done any kind of workshop like that, but I am pleased to dedicate a day to by body and soul, away from my daily routine, no kids, no husband. Only me my juices, my water and my 7 chakras.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not good Detox # 4 day

I am starving... for breakfast I had 3 tiny chicken sausages, 1 glass of water, 1 toasted bread with butter and 1/2 apple....
Let's see how the day goes!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Detox day # 3

It has been a rough and tough day regarding my Detox diet. This morning I had my Detox cup of tea but I was starving. I undulged some crispy warm bread and butter. I had Organic grapes for my morning snack and Zola Brazilian superfruit juice.
For lunch I had 3 pretzels and organic grapes, 1 apple and Soy milk
Let's see how the rest of the day will be. I am not sure my body likes it! I had some cramps this morning...
The worst? I weighted myself and I gained a little bit less than 1/2 pound...not a big deal but how is it possible I am almost starving myself tryinng to avoid any carb, bread, pasta....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Detox day # 2

Here I am. Detox/ cleansing Day 2. No coffee. Only water, Acai juice and Detox Yogi Tea. For breakfast I got Golean cereals with fresh strawberries and organic Soy milk. But it was not enough and I needed something around 10 am. I got a peanutbutter sandwich with Acai juice. For lunch fresh fruits, rice crackers. It is tough. Just a little tough. By I am thinking about heaviest husband had Cheese enchiladas with organic avocado and apple sauce. Actually yes organic apple sauce is a good idea for snack. I will get some with my Detox tea. Tonight we will have Stuffed zuchinis ( zuchinis, ricotta cheese and cheddar cheese).. not really a detox menu. But still good. No meat since last Friday!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn's Resolutions

OK this is not new year's resolution.... I am starting a little early this year since I never can follow my resolutions.
Today is the first day of Fall-Autumn. I love this season even if in Southern California the change of season is not that obvious. Yet.
Anyway, yesterday in order to get prepared I skipped the Frecnh fries-steak lunch. And I had Mung beans with Organic Jasmine rice. It was really good. Instead of coffee I drank Roobios tea....

Today Monday. No Coffee but Detox tea from Yogi tea, Go lean cereals. For lunch I had more mung beans with rice, then a banana then Rice Crackers.
For diner I will have steamed Brocolis with wild caught fish.

My friend Jocelyne came to help me cleaning up and organizing the house.
We have done the Laundry room, kids clothes cabinets, linen cabinets.
I feel good. Oh Yes I forgot while the kids were sleeping early this morning I did some yoga too!
See you tommorrow.

No dairy today and not meat so far....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to shape

This is almost September. My kids will start a new School program in the morning and it will be perfect for me to get in shape.

At the local Library I found a great book Body for Life. This is great inspiration about anew "you".

You have challenges that you can post online. The next round is September 3, 2008. In 12 weeks you do weight training, aerobics, 6 meals a day...

Right now I am not sure I will go for the Online challenge... but I am thinking of it.

Once and if I start, I will post my progress on this blog.

A bientot!

Friday, June 6, 2008

How do you survive Flu stomach?

Everybody has been sick this week. Everybody except Mylself. I have no idea how and why I did not contract it. One afternoon I was feeling dazzy and weak and my stomach was not feeling good either. But I managed it with a lot of cooked rice, no milk, bread, crackers, applesauce and I even went to my Yoga class yesterday. Even If I did not feel like it. The result? This morning I am feeling almost myself again.
The best tip ever: wash your hands 1000 times a day! I survived! YEAH.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

wake -up and walking

This morning while everybody was still sleeping and snoring ( they are sick), I decided to go for a nice walk in the neighborood. Usually, you do not do that when you live in "tracks". You do that if you live near the Ocean, or near a Lake, or something like that. Walking in places where all houses and gardens look the same is not fun. And I miss everyday the Pacific Coast , San Diego area even New York, where walking is wonderful.We live nearby a Golf Course, so this morning I decided to go along the Golf. It was so peaceful . Only the Giant Frogs and birds were making some noise. It was a wonderful time to reflect on the nature, looking at tiny rabbits, waking -up my body gently. I came back home ready for some Coffee and big hugs from the entire family. And I felt calm, in peace with myself. I promised myself that yes I will do it more often. I urge you to do the same. Forget about your car. Use your legs, and pump your heart! You do not pollute and you keep your body healthy. And you are happy and your loved ones can sense it too!
My next challenge, going to the next Grocery store walking alone or with the kids in stroller!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

More yoga

Today is Thursday and I am going tonight at my Yoga Class in Temecula.
This is a Yoga Class for women. The instructor is French how funny is that? How she ended up in Temecula Southern California? No idea. I met her only last week. We will chat tonight I am sure after the class. So I will know a little more about this mistery.

Living Yoga Temecula CA is a wonderful class.
First of all I went to their 6 weeks introduction to Yoga Class. Ashley was the teacher and she is wonderful. Right now she is pregnant, but so full of energy and so funny. Everybody loves her. She has also another class on Tuesday where I am going to since I completed with sucess the Introcuction to Yoga classes: Anusara I-II. This class is packed all the time. This is a good sign a good class with a great teacher is always crowded. During the first class I met Barbara she was next to me she is 73 and I was amazed to see how she could follow all the Asanas- Yoga positions. Anyway this class is very difficult but this is a great challenge.

Tonight the class with Sophie will be less difficult, a little more gentle.

Yoga for Women (Yoginis)Yoga is a path towards total well-being. As we move into this balance as women we open to a full power and beauty that is in each of us.
With this class, you will deepen your understanding of the physiological and psychological needs of the female body, and how to adapt your practice throughout your life.

Included in this practice is the "moon salutation".
The sun salutation is a flow of forward and backward movements that heat the body and steady the mind.
The Moon Salutation was created to balance the Sun Salutation. The moon salutation is a flow of lateral movements that cool the body and calm the mind.

Full Moon Yoga with Meditation and Chanting

January 24, February 21, March 20, April 17, May 22, June 19, July 17, 2008
(on the Thursday closest to the full moon)

The movement of the sun and moon create different energetic fields that we can feel, especially on the full moon. The moon salutation was created to balance the sun salutation. This salutation is a flow of lateral movements that cool the body and calm the mind. Come and celebrate the full moon with us.

Full Moon Yoga will take place once a month in lieu of the Yoga for Women's class. Following the asana class at 9 PM will be the meditation and chanting portion of the evening. Come for the 7:45 class or just drop by at 9 PM to meditate and chant with us - Meditation and Chanting is Free.

I am so happy to go there tonight! My yoga classes are for me what Spa, pedicure, beauty parlor can be for other women... this is my healthy drug.
This is also a community activity, with positive thinking and grace and compassion.
THis is exactly what I need in my life right now.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I signed up for an Introduction to Yoga/ Workshop atLiving Yoga Center .
When I lived in New York City in the 90's, once I discovered Yoga, its philosphy my life changed. I went Vegetarian for a few years.
I was practicing at the Sivananda Center located on 24th Street NYC ( West Side), every time I stepped in the entrance: the encens scent, the music, the food they were cooking everything was so appealing that you wanted to be a part of this community.
I had several teachers/ instructors and each time it was a revelation. Always great teachers, beautiful voices, very sweet people. It was my sanctuary for years.
Life in New York was difficult. I was running my own Travel Business and stress was present all day and night long. But I remember perfectly when I was leaving my Yoga class and that I was walking home ( 23 rd street and 3rd) I was almost flying, I was feeling so light and so happy. There were no stress, no noise, no pollution anymore I was walking feeling alive and happy.
But since we moved to Southern California Yoga was not a priority and a way of life anymore.
But I am so out of shape and my body is craving for good streching and a better spirit that I decided to give a try. So yesterday I went to the class it was class # 2( I completly forgot about the 1st session you can see how I am busy and my life is crazy). So I went there on time. My husband was taking care of the kids. The session was OK a little short usually you need 1 1/2 hours, for this worshop the session lasts only 1 hour. But I felt good afterward when I left.
In the car I was promising myself that I will be good with my body, I will do yoga at least twice a week and I will eat only good things ( not chocolate, no sugar and will cut on my meat eating).
The kids were in bed when I came in and my husband was reading them a story.
I was exausted and I went straight to bed with only a glass of milk in my stomach. The only thing I wanted. I slept all night long like a baby. I wake up this morning when the sun was raising....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Go Green Day 1

When we moved from NYC to San Diego, CA seven years ago being surrounded by such a beautiful setting and landscape I became more aware of a clean environment. There were more and more articles in the press about beeing Green.
First of all we had a Vegetables garden. It was a small one but we got tomatoes, onions, salads, carrots, thyme, basil, parsley. I canned my tomatoes and made delicious Tomatoes sauce.
The flower garden was full of Cosmos, Sun Flowers and roses.
There was this new generation of Organic Grocery Stores : Whole Foods, Henry's Market,and Trader Joe's. We had also a great Farmer's Market every Saturday at La Jolla. It was a pure joy discovring this colorful place full of delicious fruits and vegetables.
Then when I became pregant with my Twins, I wanted to start with a clean body.
I was eating only Organic meats, poultry, vegetables and fruits. I was drinking a lot of Spring Evian water. I was taking long walk along the Ocean. I was able to practice Yoga up to my 6th month of pregancy.
Then I breastfeed my babies until they were 9 months. When we started giving them solid food it was homemade, from scratch using exclusively Organic ingredients.
I am so glad today we did and we still cook from scratch with natural, locally grown ingredients. Now living inland we have a bigger vegetables garden this year we will grow a large variety of vegetables: Green Beans, Tomatoes, salad, cabbage, onion, carrots, all herbs, cumvumber, zuchini, eggplants....
GO GREEN Day 1: I take very short showers and we use drip irrigation in the vegetable garden no sprinklers.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, Sunny Sunday

In this new Blog, I will review products, ingredients, local grocery shops and boutiques that I like for me and my family.
Furthermore, I have decided to go " Green" , I will share some ideas, in order to provide a clean and clear world.

At last, as a mother of twin todlers,I’ve decided to share my menu plans here each week. My menus are kids tested.

Menu Planning done for the week: April 6 - April 11, 2008

Sunday Lunch ( Today) - Roasted vegetables ( Sweet potatoes, potatoes, Bruxelles Sprouts) and Organic Chicken. Pineaple upsidedown cake.
Sunday Dinner: Eggs - Oeufs Cocotte with Italian Rosemary Ham - Pineaple upsidedown cake leftover

Monday Lunch: GReen salad -Sunday 's leftover - Organic fresh pears
Pineaple upsidedown cake.
Monday Dinner :Pasta with fresh mushrooms, cream, Provence herbs and Lemon. Tj's European style Whole yogurt

Tuesday Lunch: Green Salad with Goat cheese and oranges - Chicken Club sandwich-
Tuesday Dinner :Minestrone soup with Creme Caramel

Wednesday Lunch : Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes - Comte Cheese-
Wednesday Dinner: Herbs omelet and Goat cheese on crostini with Olive Oil- Tj's Vanilla and Bluesberries Yogurt

Thursday Lunch : Sausage, potatoe and Green Cabbage - Baked apples
Thursday Dinner : An idea from my friend Jocelyne, Once a week we eat only leftovers this way we do not waste any food.
Friday Lunch : Sole Fish with Quinoa - Fruits Crumble
Friday Dinner : Onion tart with French Beans salad

Some recipes and pictures will be posted when possible.