Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn's Resolutions

OK this is not new year's resolution.... I am starting a little early this year since I never can follow my resolutions.
Today is the first day of Fall-Autumn. I love this season even if in Southern California the change of season is not that obvious. Yet.
Anyway, yesterday in order to get prepared I skipped the Frecnh fries-steak lunch. And I had Mung beans with Organic Jasmine rice. It was really good. Instead of coffee I drank Roobios tea....

Today Monday. No Coffee but Detox tea from Yogi tea, Go lean cereals. For lunch I had more mung beans with rice, then a banana then Rice Crackers.
For diner I will have steamed Brocolis with wild caught fish.

My friend Jocelyne came to help me cleaning up and organizing the house.
We have done the Laundry room, kids clothes cabinets, linen cabinets.
I feel good. Oh Yes I forgot while the kids were sleeping early this morning I did some yoga too!
See you tommorrow.

No dairy today and not meat so far....

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