Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Detox day # 2

Here I am. Detox/ cleansing Day 2. No coffee. Only water, Acai juice and Detox Yogi Tea. For breakfast I got Golean cereals with fresh strawberries and organic Soy milk. But it was not enough and I needed something around 10 am. I got a peanutbutter sandwich with Acai juice. For lunch fresh fruits, rice crackers. It is tough. Just a little tough. By I am thinking about heaviest food...my husband had Cheese enchiladas with organic avocado and apple sauce. Actually yes organic apple sauce is a good idea for snack. I will get some with my Detox tea. Tonight we will have Stuffed zuchinis ( zuchinis, ricotta cheese and cheddar cheese).. not really a detox menu. But still good. No meat since last Friday!!!

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