Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, Sunny Sunday

In this new Blog, I will review products, ingredients, local grocery shops and boutiques that I like for me and my family.
Furthermore, I have decided to go " Green" , I will share some ideas, in order to provide a clean and clear world.

At last, as a mother of twin todlers,I’ve decided to share my menu plans here each week. My menus are kids tested.

Menu Planning done for the week: April 6 - April 11, 2008

Sunday Lunch ( Today) - Roasted vegetables ( Sweet potatoes, potatoes, Bruxelles Sprouts) and Organic Chicken. Pineaple upsidedown cake.
Sunday Dinner: Eggs - Oeufs Cocotte with Italian Rosemary Ham - Pineaple upsidedown cake leftover

Monday Lunch: GReen salad -Sunday 's leftover - Organic fresh pears
Pineaple upsidedown cake.
Monday Dinner :Pasta with fresh mushrooms, cream, Provence herbs and Lemon. Tj's European style Whole yogurt

Tuesday Lunch: Green Salad with Goat cheese and oranges - Chicken Club sandwich-
Tuesday Dinner :Minestrone soup with Creme Caramel

Wednesday Lunch : Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes - Comte Cheese-
Wednesday Dinner: Herbs omelet and Goat cheese on crostini with Olive Oil- Tj's Vanilla and Bluesberries Yogurt

Thursday Lunch : Sausage, potatoe and Green Cabbage - Baked apples
Thursday Dinner : An idea from my friend Jocelyne, Once a week we eat only leftovers this way we do not waste any food.
Friday Lunch : Sole Fish with Quinoa - Fruits Crumble
Friday Dinner : Onion tart with French Beans salad

Some recipes and pictures will be posted when possible.

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