Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I signed up for an Introduction to Yoga/ Workshop atLiving Yoga Center .
When I lived in New York City in the 90's, once I discovered Yoga, its philosphy my life changed. I went Vegetarian for a few years.
I was practicing at the Sivananda Center located on 24th Street NYC ( West Side), every time I stepped in the entrance: the encens scent, the music, the food they were cooking everything was so appealing that you wanted to be a part of this community.
I had several teachers/ instructors and each time it was a revelation. Always great teachers, beautiful voices, very sweet people. It was my sanctuary for years.
Life in New York was difficult. I was running my own Travel Business and stress was present all day and night long. But I remember perfectly when I was leaving my Yoga class and that I was walking home ( 23 rd street and 3rd) I was almost flying, I was feeling so light and so happy. There were no stress, no noise, no pollution anymore I was walking feeling alive and happy.
But since we moved to Southern California Yoga was not a priority and a way of life anymore.
But I am so out of shape and my body is craving for good streching and a better spirit that I decided to give a try. So yesterday I went to the class it was class # 2( I completly forgot about the 1st session you can see how I am busy and my life is crazy). So I went there on time. My husband was taking care of the kids. The session was OK a little short usually you need 1 1/2 hours, for this worshop the session lasts only 1 hour. But I felt good afterward when I left.
In the car I was promising myself that I will be good with my body, I will do yoga at least twice a week and I will eat only good things ( not chocolate, no sugar and will cut on my meat eating).
The kids were in bed when I came in and my husband was reading them a story.
I was exausted and I went straight to bed with only a glass of milk in my stomach. The only thing I wanted. I slept all night long like a baby. I wake up this morning when the sun was raising....

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