Monday, April 7, 2008

Go Green Day 1

When we moved from NYC to San Diego, CA seven years ago being surrounded by such a beautiful setting and landscape I became more aware of a clean environment. There were more and more articles in the press about beeing Green.
First of all we had a Vegetables garden. It was a small one but we got tomatoes, onions, salads, carrots, thyme, basil, parsley. I canned my tomatoes and made delicious Tomatoes sauce.
The flower garden was full of Cosmos, Sun Flowers and roses.
There was this new generation of Organic Grocery Stores : Whole Foods, Henry's Market,and Trader Joe's. We had also a great Farmer's Market every Saturday at La Jolla. It was a pure joy discovring this colorful place full of delicious fruits and vegetables.
Then when I became pregant with my Twins, I wanted to start with a clean body.
I was eating only Organic meats, poultry, vegetables and fruits. I was drinking a lot of Spring Evian water. I was taking long walk along the Ocean. I was able to practice Yoga up to my 6th month of pregancy.
Then I breastfeed my babies until they were 9 months. When we started giving them solid food it was homemade, from scratch using exclusively Organic ingredients.
I am so glad today we did and we still cook from scratch with natural, locally grown ingredients. Now living inland we have a bigger vegetables garden this year we will grow a large variety of vegetables: Green Beans, Tomatoes, salad, cabbage, onion, carrots, all herbs, cumvumber, zuchini, eggplants....
GO GREEN Day 1: I take very short showers and we use drip irrigation in the vegetable garden no sprinklers.

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