Thursday, May 22, 2008

More yoga

Today is Thursday and I am going tonight at my Yoga Class in Temecula.
This is a Yoga Class for women. The instructor is French how funny is that? How she ended up in Temecula Southern California? No idea. I met her only last week. We will chat tonight I am sure after the class. So I will know a little more about this mistery.

Living Yoga Temecula CA is a wonderful class.
First of all I went to their 6 weeks introduction to Yoga Class. Ashley was the teacher and she is wonderful. Right now she is pregnant, but so full of energy and so funny. Everybody loves her. She has also another class on Tuesday where I am going to since I completed with sucess the Introcuction to Yoga classes: Anusara I-II. This class is packed all the time. This is a good sign a good class with a great teacher is always crowded. During the first class I met Barbara she was next to me she is 73 and I was amazed to see how she could follow all the Asanas- Yoga positions. Anyway this class is very difficult but this is a great challenge.

Tonight the class with Sophie will be less difficult, a little more gentle.

Yoga for Women (Yoginis)Yoga is a path towards total well-being. As we move into this balance as women we open to a full power and beauty that is in each of us.
With this class, you will deepen your understanding of the physiological and psychological needs of the female body, and how to adapt your practice throughout your life.

Included in this practice is the "moon salutation".
The sun salutation is a flow of forward and backward movements that heat the body and steady the mind.
The Moon Salutation was created to balance the Sun Salutation. The moon salutation is a flow of lateral movements that cool the body and calm the mind.

Full Moon Yoga with Meditation and Chanting

January 24, February 21, March 20, April 17, May 22, June 19, July 17, 2008
(on the Thursday closest to the full moon)

The movement of the sun and moon create different energetic fields that we can feel, especially on the full moon. The moon salutation was created to balance the sun salutation. This salutation is a flow of lateral movements that cool the body and calm the mind. Come and celebrate the full moon with us.

Full Moon Yoga will take place once a month in lieu of the Yoga for Women's class. Following the asana class at 9 PM will be the meditation and chanting portion of the evening. Come for the 7:45 class or just drop by at 9 PM to meditate and chant with us - Meditation and Chanting is Free.

I am so happy to go there tonight! My yoga classes are for me what Spa, pedicure, beauty parlor can be for other women... this is my healthy drug.
This is also a community activity, with positive thinking and grace and compassion.
THis is exactly what I need in my life right now.

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